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LeMaZ, LLC (Lebedyansky Machine Plant) was founded in 1946.

At present it is a modern facility for manufacturing downhole electric submersible pumps, gas separators, dispersers, gas separators-dispersers, oil centrifugal pumps, different-type piston and plunger pumps for various applications, including atomic energy and specific shipbuilding.

Lemaz comprises the following shops and facilities:


  • foundry,
  • blank production,
  • galvanizing,
  • heat treatment,
  • welding,
  • rubber-plastic production,
  • mechanical assembly,
  • paint,
  • instrumentation,
  • wood-working,
  • repair and energy.

The plant’s modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and sophisticated technologies ensure high quality of products.


  • Stages are machined using EMAG (Germany) equipment. EMAG equipment incorporates the most advanced technologies of the machine building industry.
  • Pump heads and bases are manufactured on the machines supplied by HAAS AUTOMATION (USA).
  • The plant’s foundry uses cold core production processes with catalytic gas purging and is equipped with LAEMPE and KUKA (Germany) modern equipment.
  • Implemented arc spraying technology allows wear-, heat- and corrosion-resistance of machined surfaces to be enhanced.

 The quality management system adopted by Lemaz meets international quality management standards 9001:2000, ISO TS 29001, and API Q1.

The LeMaZ management is committed to integrating the top-priority HSE objectives to ensure a safe work environment, protect the health of the employees and communities where Lemaz works, and preserve the environment.


The plant promotes a creative environment that inspires and helps its employees to achieve the desired targets, while contributing to their professional growth and self-esteem.

Lemaz favors intergenerational continuity. Today, the plant has about 2000 employees and 200 family dynasties. Some of these dynasties have been employed for two and a half centuries.

Systematic attention to client needs, tracking HSE trends, rigorous commitment and continuous enhancement of manufacturing technologies, control, and testing procedures allows Lemaz to deliver equipment that conforms to high international standards and fully satisfies clients requirements.






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