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Our Research and Development Center focuses on artificial lift systems designing and upgrading. The R&D Center is also engaged in research, development and implementation of the new artificial lift technologies and pump materials, helping operators to enhance oil production.


Advanced design solutions and engineering technologies ensure high reliability of our equipment. Each new product is being tested at the R&D Center using in-house test benches and the equipment provided by specialized companies. Following the successful in-house testing the equipment is brought to oil field trial operation.


Borets R&D center comprises branches in Moscow (Russia) and Tulsa (USA). Tulsa Borets R&D center is equipped with the test benches for testing downhole and surface equipment, two 73 m deep vertical wells allowing to test completely assembled systems in close to real conditions. To test serial and new products, including high-speed motors and high-flow pumps, automated horizontal benches are used. One of such horizontal benches is equipped with the devices simulating pump operation in the steam-assisted gravity drainage mode (SAGD). The SAGD technology is applied for heavy oil production when operating temperature reaches 250°C. This advanced testing technology will help to expand the application range, improve quality and design of the manufactured equipment.


To help customers in their operations and decrease their lifting costs, Borets Research and Development team has developed a number of innovative “Fit for Purpose” technologies. One of such innovations is a revolutionary permanent magnet motor technology featuring unique motor flexibility to a wide range of applications, as well as the highest energy efficiency.


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