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Borets Service Company, LLC is a leading service provider in Russia where its market share reaches 40%. Today, there are 79,000 wells in Russia, of which 17,000 wells are serviced by Borets. Our servicing network includes seven service centers that are located in main oil producing regions in Russia.

- Borets Service Company,
- Nefteyugansk,
- Centroforce,
- Borets-Muravlenko,
- Borets Service Company, Buzuluk,
- Borets Service Company in Neftekumsk, Stavropol region,
- Borets Service Company, Komi Republic,
- Borets Service Company, Krasnodar.


Our Field Services:


  • Complete motor, pump, seal and cable inspection & testing,
  • Component dismantle, parts inspection and failure analysis,
  • Equipment repair, assembly and testing to relevant standards,
  • Commissioning and stabilizing newly installed equipment,
  • Cable spooling, power banding and splicing,
  • Capillary line sales, spooling, testing and well site weld repair,
  • Troubleshooting of both surface and downhole equipment problems,
  • Scheduled maintenance on equipment,
  • Remote monitoring and surveillance, corrective actions as needed,
  • System leasing/ rental,
  • Well testing,
  • Inventory of fully assembled equipment and components,
  • Transportation of equipment to and from the well site,
  • Training.


Our major customers:


- Rosneft;
- Gasprom neft;
- Russneft;
- Slavneft.



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