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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Department was established in 2010.


The scope of work of the Internal Audit Department includes analysis of operations, assessment of financial controls, providing recommendations and implementing internal control procedures.


The Internal Audit Department incorporates objective, independent staff members with the requisite knowledge, skill and experience. The Internal Audit Department reports functionally to the Company’s Board of Directors and the Audit Committee, and administratively (i.e. with respect to its day-to-day operations) to the Company's CEO.


The Internal Audit Department’s operating principles are set out in the Charter of the Internal Audit Department.


Internal auditing within the organization is focused on internal control matters such as:


  • efficiency of internal controls;
  • efficiency of operations;
  • reliability of financial reporting and efficiency of financial management;
  • detecting and investigating fraud;
  • safeguarding assets;
  •  compliance control.

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