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Human Resources

Human Resources

Borets employs more than 9000 specialists throughout the world.  These 9000 employees demonstrate a high level of professionalism and a passion for excellence that are keys to achieving the company’s goals. We are constantly looking for motivated individuals to be driving forces in the success of the Company.  We work hard at providing an environment where every Borets employee can discover and develop their own unique talents and, in turn, help the Company achieve our goals.  We are regularly optimizing facilities to provide comfortable and safe working conditions and environments for our employees.

Borets provides an excellent, competitive salary and benefits package to attract and retain entrepreneurial individuals who are willing and able to assume expert contributor and leadership roles in the organization



The investment in highly-qualified personnel is the basis for long-term success.  That’s why we constantly care about the qualification advancement of our personnel.  We have established Training Centers in Tulsa, Oklahoma and in Moscow, Russia that deliver and support internal and external training opportunities.  The mission is to prepare skilled employees to assume the responsibilities of generalists, specialists and leaders in various technical areas, such as Production Technologies, Field Service, Sales, Engineering, Quality, Finance, Procurement, Environmental, Health, & Safety, Human Resources, and Management.



The culture of the Company is based on agility, flexibility and the entrepreneurial spirit.  While Borets is a fairly large organization, the expectation is that every employee is responsible for providing excellent customer service and is held accountable for performing their job to the best of their abilities.  Effective placement and assignment of each employee allows us to improve results and achieve success within a constantly evolving organization.


Code of Conduct

The Company has a formal Code of Conduct that addresses generally accepted rules of behavior and corporate ethics.  All employees are responsible for understanding and complying with the Code of Conduct and the Corporate Business Ethics.


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