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New Developments for High GOR Wells

5 August, 2014

The Borets Company has been always focusing on gas handling devices designing and upgrading. 

Over the past two years the Borets R&D Center designers have developed a number of gas handling devices including size 5 (362 Series) and 5A (405 Series) Vortex Gas Separators and Vortex Gas Handlers to increase pumping systems reliability in harsh production environments.

The Borets Company offers successfully lab tested and field proven Vortex Gas Separators. The Vortex Gas Separator is a device that utilizes a natural vortex action at centrifugal gas separation. The rotors are not applied. This design feature improves the Vortex Gas Separator reliability and performance as compared with the rotary gas separators of different designs. 

The Vortex Gas Separator design (expected) run life estimated by Gubkin Oil and Gas University based on stand testing results at 3,600 rpm and solids content 200 mg/l is 9 years. The run life increases at lower rpm.

The new GPRB series Vortex Gas Handlers are designed to improve ESP system performance in high GOR wells. The Vortex Gas Handler comprises two chambers on a common shaft: the bottom chamber – vortex separation chamber and the top chamber – a stack of axial flow stages for free gas has handling and compression at 4…5 kgf/cm².

The Vortex Gas Handlers provide stable ESP system operation in conditions of 70…90% free gas at the pump intake, solids content up to 1 g/l and fluid temperature up to 338°F (170°С). Vortex Gas Vortex Gas Handlers of sizes 5 and 5А are offered in a wide range of abrasion-resistant and abrasion/corrosion resistant designs without a shaft thrust bearing to meet the customers’ demands.

The Borets Vortex Gas Handlers comprise:

 - Abrasion-resistant radial bearings for superior shaft stabilization

 - Thick-wall vortex separation chamber sleeve made of chromium-nickel stainless steel

 - Stainless steel head and base

 - Base lower flange inner side with add-on protection.





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