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Borets Progressive Cavity Pumps for Harsh Operating Conditions

27 August, 2014

Surgutneftegaz Oil Company installed the Borets Permanent Magnet Motor driven Progressive Cavity Pump System (Borets PMM Driven PCP System) in a low-production-rate well with unstable inflow. The Borets PMM Driven PCP System MTBF reached 1,410 days. 

Experience has proven that the pumping systems operated in the low-production-rate wells or wells with unstable inflow are often exposed to the well problems impacting submersible equipment efficiency and reliability, and eventually the oil production.

 Conventional ESP and SRP systems used in high GOR, sandy, abrasive, scale and other harsh environments demonstrate unstable operation and short run life. 

The Borets PMM Driven PCP System has proved itself as a reliable solution for such operating conditions. Its improved reliability is confirmed by the field trials of different PCP design options which can operate with a flow range from 25 to 1260 bpd (4 to 200 m3/day). The field tests were conducted as by major operators so as by small private oil companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Colombia and Canada.

According to oil companies’ PCP Application Engineers, Borets PMM Driven PCP System, as compared with the ESP and SRP systems, feature compact length, ease of assembly and installation, decreased well startup time and stable operation in difficult well conditions. Borets PMM Driven PCP System MTBF recorded by the Russian oil companies has several times the MTBF of ESP and SRP systems.

Besides, Borets PMM Driven PCP System ensure significant electrical power savings. Comparative field testing of PCP, ESP, SRP and RDPCP systems in the oilfields of Perm Region have proven, that at similar operational parameters and flow rate 125 – 176 bpd (20 – 28 m3/day), the average electrical power consumption of the Borets PMM Driven PCP System is by 81 % below ESP, by 32.5% below SRP and by 13.8% below RDPCP power consumption.

Currently a number of oil companies in cooperation with the Borets Company implement Borets PMM Driven PCP Systems Trial Operation Programs. Borets specialists assist in PCP systems selection, startup, operation and repair. Borets Company’s PCP Operation Training Courses for operators’ PCP Application Engineers are in great demand.

Borets PMM Driven PCP System have proved its competitive advantages over the other artificial lift methods and earned trust of the Customers.






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