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Borets introduces revolutionary WR2 ESP System for harsh well conditions

30 March, 2016

Borets, which provides engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, has recently launched high-speed Wide Range Wear Resistant (WR2) pump system. The WR2 system is designed for harsh well conditions and has the ability to handle a wide range of production, abrasives and gas with the goal of extending run life and minimizing well interventions. The system includes a high-speed WR2 pump, a PMM and a monitoring package.

The new WR2 pump stage patent-pending manufacturing processes allow Borets engineers to use geometries that cannot be economically produced in a foundry & to provide precise dimensional tolerances, enhanced surface finishes and no undersurface cavities.  Therefore, a very hard material can be used, close in hardness to a ceramic bearing, enabling it to handle sand flow back. The WR2 pump incorporates a hydraulic design to result in improved efficiency and reliability, less stress on the system and longer operating life.

The WR2 system being a complete system built in combination with Borets PMM & Borets Universal Axiom II VSD represents itself an energy-efficient tool to lower power costs. The unique WR2 ability to produce up to 55% free gas without the use of a gas separator combined with the gas lock ride thru algorithm built in to the Borets Universal AXIOM-II, leads to an exceptionally reliable system in such conditions. 

The initial installation was completed on May 15, 2015, in a northwest Oklahoma, USA, in well designed to test the pump’s ability to handle a wide range of flow, gas slugs and flow back of frac sand over an extended period of time. To date, there have been 22 successful field trials of the WR2 system, eight in North America. Several of these applications are currently still running; however, three of the wells that were pulled were capable of passing full API testing following, in one case, a 400-day test period. In addition to the successful installations and the proven ability to operate in challenging conditions, Borets is now operating a new dedicated production facility for this unique stage material.

The introduction of this new technology will bring a true step change improvement to the ESP industry for producing unconventional wells. WR2 pump can produce through the fracturing cleanup and through what would normally be several pump changes during the initial decline and will greatly enhance customers’ return on investment by lowering costs and optimizing the oil produced during this critical period. 







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