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Borets - leading global provider of Electric Submersible Pump systems

Borets is a leading global provider specializing in the engineering, manufacture, sales and service of Electric Submersible Pump systems (ESP’s).

Borets has 11 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries focused on leading technologies, innovations & manufacturing experience.

Borets integrates Manufacturing Facilities, a Research and Development Center and a number of Regional Service Centers.

With over 9,000 employees located in 15 countries, combined 26 service bases, we provide exceptional sales, service and support to more than 500 clients worldwide, operating in nearly 46,700 wells.

Borets with its unique trusted customized solutions , state-of-the-art technologies & equipment, R&D staff with diverse expertise, the best practices and lessons-learned from around the globe, looks forward to become your preferred ESP provider.