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Cable & MLE

Borets cable is designed to supply power to electric submersible motors.

It comprises a conductor, insulation, lead jacket, braid and armor.


  • The conductor can have single and stranded configuration. It is made of copper and coated with corrosion-resistant tin-based compound.
  • Insulation is a high quality EPDM compound that ensures excellent electrical properties and heat resistance.
  • Cable armor is made of Monel/galvanized or stainless steel strip.


The motor lead extension consists of a round-shaped pothead connector and a flat heat-resistant cable made of annealed tinned copper wires. The conductors have EPDM insulation, lead jacket and braid. The armor is made of galvanized or corrosion-resistant steel strip.

The pothead has a stainless steel or Ni-resist body. The pothead design protects its body, lead jacket, EPDM insulation and terminals against oil and well fluid.

The pothead tail is filled with heat-, oil-, and water-resistant compound securing additionally the cable inside the pothead.




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