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Permanent Magnet Motors

The Borets Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) is designed for the same ESP systems as induction motors, and also for PCPs. However, the PMM shows better performance in harsh environments, such as viscous fluids, high solids content, unstable inflow, low production, post hydro-fracturing or any other artificial lift methods applied.


Moreover, it facilitates the operating procedure for well commissioning.


Under certain operating conditions, a sucker-rod pumping system can be replaced with an ESP system or  PCP system  featuring a permanent magnet motor.


Unlike a conventional induction motor, the PMM design incorporates a rotor with permanent magnets that are made of sintered hard-magnetic materials. The magnets produce the rotor flux that requires less power for field generation.


As a result the PMM has a higher power density and is shorter than a conventional induction motor of the same horsepower rating. The increased efficiency and the synchronous operation also translate into reduced electrical losses, lower operating current and less heat generation. With less heat generated the motor cooling requirements are reduced and it is possible to operate the system with PMM at lower flow rates than with conventional induction motors. Adaptive surface control allows the system to respond to changing well conditions and extend system run life by optimizing or eliminating cycling in low flow conditions, thus ensuring the maximum production rate. As a result, less heat and faster and more accurate control of the motor allows for an expanded operating range.




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