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Electric Submersible Pumps

ESP systems are increasingly being deployed in more demanding, aggressive downhole conditions with the expectation of reliable performance and extended run life. Pump stage resistance to abrasives and scale has a major impact on meeting performance targets. With our vast experience and expertise in ESP metallurgy improvement we offer a variety of innovative pump stage technologies and materials that effectively address these aggressive well conditions compared to traditional Type 1 Ni-Resist.


The innovatively designed Borets Wide Range Wear Resistant (WR2) pump exploits new technologies, manufacturing process and materials to expand the ESP system capabilities. The WR2 utilizes a Metal Injection Molding (MIM) manufacturing process never before used in the ESP industry. The WR2 pump operates reliably without a gas separator at 55% gas content at intake. This pump is ideal for different applications, including unconventional oil wells. The WR2 pump extends ESP system run life and reduces a number of workovers.




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