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Progressing Cavity Pumps

Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) systems are designed to produce heavy and viscous crudes up to 1,000cSt in low-production and deviated wells with low inflow, high GOR at the pump intake, scales and solids, providing the long term and reliable operation, impossible to achieve by ESP or other Artificial Lift Systems.


Submersible PCP systems are considered where traditional rod driven systems are limited by depth or where deviated or crooked wells have caused premature rod/tubing wear as submersible PCP systems have no rods.


Submersible PCP systems deliver the best performance in horizontal & deviated wells, low volume wells with unstable inflow, in wells with viscous, abrasive fluids, in high GOR wells, in wells with scale and high asphaltenes.


As compared to conventional Electrical Submersible PCP system which comprises a conventional ESP Induction Motor coupled to a gear reducer, Borets PMM-PCP has a very similar configuration, however, has no Gear Box in the system. This allows not only reduce overall length of system, but increase electrical efficiency, reliability of the system and economics of challenging wellbores.


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