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Slotted Filter-intake


The slotted filter-intake FShch-MVB is designed to protect 5 and 5A series electric submersible pumps against physical damage when producing oil. The filter is mounted between the pump and motor seal.

A FShch-MVB filter comprises a base and head, center bearings and liner tubing, a slotted filtering element and shaft. The slotted filtering element represents a stainless steel cylindrical body formed by rectangular and triangular profile wires.

Filtering elements are designed to fit the slot width.

FShch-MVB and FPB filters use universal filtering elements.
FShch-MVB and FPB filters can have different numbers of sections depending on pump flow rates and filtering element slot width.
Corrosion-resistant FShch-MVB and FPB filters are available.


FShch-MVB and FPB filters allow for reduction of pulling-and-running costs and longer failure-free operation of the equipment due to extended runlife of ESP stages.






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