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Switchboards / VFD’s


Borets Switchboards and VFDs are designed for control, protection and monitoring of ESP system parameters. They use state-of-the-art technologies and components that allow the ESP system to be better adapted to well conditions.

Switchboards and VFDs ensure power supply to the circuit “Transformer – Downhole Cable – Submersible Motor” and allow for capturing data from submersible equipment in order to maintain and adjust operational conditions in changing downhole environment, as well as to prevent downhole equipment from failures.

Borets offers the following switchboards and variable frequency drives:


  • Direct Start Switchboards;
  • Soft Start Switchboards;
  • Variable Frequency Drives which are designed
    – to control Permanent Magnet Motors,
    – Universal VFD to control both Permanent Magnet Motors and Induction Motors.


Direct and Soft Start Switchboards


These switchboards perform a large number of control and protection functions, and have an accessible configuration. Direct and soft start switchboards are equipped with a storage device that enables performance data of the ESP system to be recorded on a real time basis and any modifications of the ESP system settings to be captured, including the date and time of such modifications. These data can be downloaded via a COM-PORT to a PC or to a parameter reading and entry device, transmitted to the SCADA system via a special interface or downloaded to a flash memory via a USB port.

Industry standard Mechanical and Electrical interlocks and protective devices provide a high level of safety for the operator including separate compartments for high and low voltage. All voltage ranges use vacuum contactors and fused PTs for the protection of equipment and fast-acting disconnect in the event of a fault.


"Borets" Switchboards


These switchboards are supplied with Kaskad 2-200 motor controller that has four levels of protection to prevent non-authorized modification of settings. It is equipped with an integrated LCD and nonvolatile memory.

All enclosures are rated for outdoor use as IP43.
Operating temperatures range from -60°C to +50°C.

AxiomТМ series Switchbords


is compatible with all standard Borets controllers, including the CommanderTM series. Otherwise, AxiomТМ switchboard is supplied with a controller customized to specific well conditions.

Three voltage ranges provide solutions to a broad application base without compromise of functionality or cost.

All enclosures are rated for outdoor use as IP53, which is very similar to Nema 3R.
Operating temperatures range from -20°C to +55°C.

Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives provide maximum flexibility to adjust downhole system to changing operating conditions. As a result, maximum system run life can be assured while optimizing production rates.

The application-specific custom firmware provides optimum control with user-friendly adjustments, including frequency, acceleration and deceleration rates, auto restart, retries and delays and stopping methods.

Borets VFDs are equipped with state-of-the-art Sine-Wave Filter technology to produce the smoothest waveform output with minimal harmonic content, thereby minimizing harmful electrical stress to the motor, power cable and other electrical components.



  • Provides flexibility to match ESP parameters with changing well conditions for optimized system performance and maximum production
  • Continuous ESP system operation in case of power supply loss - up to 2 seconds (for ESP system with check valve)
  • Automatic gas locks removal by changing frequency when under load occurs
  • Enhanced remote monitoring, communication and control capabilities with the use of downhole sensors
  • Ability to adjust speed as equipment wears to maintain production or extend run life to minimize downtime waiting on replacement equipment
  • Maximum starting torque in the «start current limitation»
  • Backspin braking with the possibility of setting frequency of backspin interception
  • Accelerated fluid drain from tubing (for ESP system without check valve) after pump stop.


"Borets" Variable Frequency Drives

are equipped with Kvant 1.


Axiom™ Variable Frequency Drives

are manufactured with ratings from 180 A to 1650 A (143 kVA to 1300 kVA) and offered in NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosures. These enclosures are designed to meet a range of environments from arctic to desert conditions with ambient temperature ratings from -40°C to +55°C. Optional low harmonic input solutions for 12, 18 and 24 pulse requirements are also available to meet strict power system specifications.



"Borets-VD" Variable Frequency Drives for Permanent Magnet Motors

"Borets-VD" VFDs are designed for effective operation of submersible pumps through adjusting the frequency of a Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM). VFDs for Permanent Magnet Motors provide the following functions:


  • smooth acceleration and braking of the motor, 
  • wells operation with unstable inflow, 
  • intermittent well operation, 
  • wells start-up without stopping the ESP system to cool the motor, 
  • operation of wells with high GOR, viscous or emulsified fluids and high solids content.


Universal "Borets-VDU" Variable Frequency Drive

Universal "Borets-VDU" VFDs are designed to control both permanent magnet motors and induction motors. The VFDs utilize various control modes for both electric submersible and progressive cavity pumps.

The following additional devices can be installed in the VFD on Customer request: a GPRS modem, backspin limiter (for ESPCPs), power meter, downhole sensors, etc. Universal VFDs feature automatic determination of the type of the downhole sensor supplied by most of manufacturers. Permanent memory for storing well operation data is 100 Mb with a potential for further increase. The VFDs are compatible for connection to oil production control and monitoring networks (RS-485, Ethernet). Data stored in the VFD’s memory can be downloaded via a USB interface. Hardware allows the controller to be modified by means of periphery devices and interfaces.

Universal VFDs of IP54 protection degree use two-circuit forced cooling allowing the cell housing electronics to be isolated from environment and the operating temperature range to be widened.





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