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Borets Service Company


Borets Service Company, LLC is a service provider specializing in the operation, repair, maintenance and lease of oil recovery equipment.

Borets Service provides its services to leading oil operators for over 17,000 wells.

Efficient production management, high service quality, modern technologies and equipment designed for ESP system repair, and outstanding expertise of the personnel ensure long-life and fault-free performance of all ESP system components, while lowering the operation costs incurred in the artificial lift oil recovery by oil companies.

Borets Service Company recognizes the responsibility to the communities and next generations for the environmental impact of the company’s operation and considers safety, environment and health of its employees and third parties that work for the company’s benefit to be one of the top priorities. For these purposes, the company strives to implement new technologies, reduce the amount of hazardous substances used for its production, decrease resource consumption, improve the employees’ knowledge of the HSE principles.


The Company’s scope of services includes:


  • application engineering,
  • ESP systems assembly, installation and pulling-out,
  • well commissioning and startup,
  • ESP system workover and maintenance,
  • testing,
  • operation of low-flow wells, wells with frequent workovers and restarted wells,
  • trial operation,
  • 24/7 monitoring,
  • fault investigation and analysis,
  • leasing.



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