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Largest Global Provider of Electric Submersible Pump Systems

Borets provides fit-for-purpose electric submersible pump (ESP), progressing cavity pump (PCP), and horizontal pump system (HPS) products and services to the oil and gas industry that minimize artificial lifting and fluid transfer costs, and help maximize our customers’ return on investment.
As the only true vertically integrated provider, we are a global leader in centrifugal pump technology producing roughly 25% of the ESPs used worldwide. With 10 manufacturing facilities in 5 countries, we produce more than 12,000 systems annually and are the largest global supplier of ESPs by volume.
Technology development and innovation have been central to our history of more than 100 years. We pioneered the development of permanent magnet motors (PMM) for ESPs and are today, the undisputed global leader in this technology with a track record of more than 14,500 motors deployed around the world.


Artificial Lift and Horizontal Pumping Solutions to the Industry’s Most Challenging Applications

Global oil production and surface pumping applications present a wide array of technical and commercial challenges. With extensive R&D and more than 65 years of submersible centrifugal pumping expertise, Borets has the depth, global experience, and technology to provide the most cost-effective pumping solutions in today’s applications.


Cost-Efficient, High-Quality Electric Submersible and Surface Pumping Products

Innovative product design and unrivaled (ISO certified) manufacturing capacities are the foundation of all Borets products. Our catalog of products are suitable across a wide range of flow rates in standard, harsh, and extreme operating environments and include:

  • The industry’s largest proven portfolio of low, standard, and high-speed permanent magnet motors (PMM)
  • Induction motors including the new 406 series
  • Elastomer-based or metal bellows motor seals
  • Floater, compression, and the innovative Packet pump
  • Progressing cavity pumps
  • Gas separation and handling; intakes
  • Solids/sand exclusion devices
  • Downhole sensors
  • ESP power cables and motor lead extensions (MLEs)
  • Variable frequency drives and associated surface equipment
  • Horizontal pumping systems

Trained, Experienced Professionals Providing Value-Added Services

All Borets submersible and surface pumping systems are supported by experienced engineering and service professionals across a global network of 23 service centers. With decades of experience and more than 10,000 wells currently under service, we are one of the largest global providers offering:

  • Expert ESP, PCP, and HPS application analysis, engineering, and system design
  • Field installation, commissioning, or pulling
  • Equipment inspection, testing, repair, or teardown
  • Equipment run life and performance tracking, and
  • Production optimization services

Need help increasing production or lowering expenses? Borets can help!

  • Learning more about permanent magnet motor (PMM) technology
  • Cost-efficient lifting solutions for your application
  • Technical support for your ESP system
  • Technical support for your PCP system
  • Technical support for HPS
  • Contacting your local sales representative
  • Other technical innovations and solutions