Who We Are

Innovative Technologies. Reliable Solutions for Optimizing Production and Surface Fluid Transfer.

With a long history of engineering innovation, our electrically driven technology, comprehensive service capabilities, and global expertise helps customers produce more oil or transfer more surface fluids by the most cost-effective means.

Borets is the global leader in artificial lift engineering, manufacturing, sales, and servicing of electric submersible and horizontal pump systems (HPS). Founded in 1897, the company’s key product lines include electric submersible pumps, progressing cavity pumping systems, surface horizontal pumping systems, and permanent magnetic motors. The company has more than 7,000 employees worldwide and operates in 15 countries, providing exceptional equipment and services to international oil companies.

History & Capabilities

We have been manufacturing ESPs since 1952. Today, with over 12,000 ESP systems fabricated annually, we are the largest global supplier of ESPs by volume.

Our manufacturing expertise started much earlier. Founded in 1897 as a water pump manufacturer, Borets today operates as a major multinational company, integrating 2 Research and Development (R&D) centers, 10 state-of-the-art plants, and 23 service-support facilities globally that focus on designing, manufacturing, and servicing advanced downhole and surface pumping equipment, including:


Our 10 facilities located in 5 countries utilize the most advanced manufacturing technologies and methods and innovative design solutions that provide customers a comprehensive range of pumping systems that meet the most demanding requirements.

Borets is the world’s only true vertically integrated manufacturer of complete ESP systems resulting in an unrivalled ability to control all aspects of system quality and deliver technologically innovative artificial lift systems on a large scale in the most cost-efficient manner.

On a monthly basis, Borets manufacturing is capable of outputting approximately:

  • 1000 motor sections (IM or PMM)
  • 1000 motor seals
  • 2 million cast pump stage pieces
  • 2500 assembled pumps
  • 700 gas separators
  • 5 million feet of ESP cable

All Borets manufacturing centers employ management systems that are either fully certified or are in process of being certified in line with the requirements of ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 or API Specification Q1.

Engineering, Research & Development

Nimble and Responsive R&D Teams Developing Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Our research and development (R&D) centers focus on designing and enhancing artificial lift and surface fluid transfer systems. They are also engaged in research, development, and implementation of new artificial lift technologies and materials that help operators enhance oil production.

Our R&D centers are equipped with design and test capabilities that help accelerate the new product development process.

The R&D laboratory at Borets’ engineering facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma underwent significant expansion in 2015 adding world-class capabilities or extending capacity in several key aspects of product line testing. Our Tulsa lab includes:

  1. A vertical string test system used to verify operational integrity for complete equipment strings. In this fully instrumented well, ESP systems can be tested up to 200 °F temperature and flow rates up to 120,000 bpd.
  2. A vertical motor test well used for testing, tuning, and characterizing induction and permanent magnet motors. This fully instrumented well is capable of measuring electrical data, heat rise, and control stability across a wide range of motor horsepower (up to (1000 HP) and speeds (up to 7500 rpm).
  3. An advanced horizontal motor test bench available for testing lower horsepower motors at high speed.
  4. An advanced horizontal pump test bench used as part of new stage product development. The test bench is capable of testing both standard and high-speed stages up to flow rates as high as 85,000 bpd.


Worldwide our servicing network comprises 23 service centers operating in main oil producing regions in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Kuwait, Saudi, Oman, Egypt, and Europe

Thousands of field personnel across the world are dedicated and ready to provide superior service to meet customer needs.

We conduct well testing and provide various services that enhance oil production in harsh well environments. Well test results are used in application engineering (ESP and PMM-PCP systems) and in developing efficient well-operation techniques.

Borets also offers supervising services and engineering support to operators, including:

  • New or upgraded equipment field trials
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Optimization recommendations to improve pumping system performance and run life
  • Online consulting on Borets equipment, operation, and servicing

Core Values

Our values are reflected in our success on all levels, including financial. We perceive our values as binding for all our business areas and, similarly, we expect the same in our relationships with our business partners.

Equal opportunities to all employees without regard to race, ethnic or national origin, color, nationality, religion or belief, sex, marital status, age or disability, or as to any other protected category.

Respect for the confidentiality of client and Company information.

Fairness with compensation appropriate with achieved results and providing equal rights for career development.

Honesty in our relations and in provision of all information required for our work.

Efficiency as sustainable achievement of maximum possible results in everything we do.

Courage to resist taking any action against our policies and values and to assume personal responsibility for our own decisions.

Care demonstrated by our best efforts to protect people from any harm or threat to their lives and health and by our intention to safeguard the environment.

Trust in employees to delegate power and responsibility for decisions and implement those decisions appropriately.