Borets ESP Using Induction Motor Exceeds 100 Months Operation

15 February, 2018


A Borets’ ESP system, incorporating an Induction Motor (IM), has been continuously running for 100 months (8.3 years) in a well operated by Petrobras in Brazil. Well CP-0864 is located in the mature Carmopolis Field, a field that has been operating for more than 60 years.

Due to its nature of being a mature field, the ESP systems of Borets face aggressive conditions of high gas production; sand of formation and fracture with a granulometry that favors the high abrasiveness, which shows that the quality and efficiency of the equipment ESP of Borets are at the forefront of the needs of the current markets becoming one of the best options to increase the MTBF of the fields and increase the profits of its customer operators.

In September 2009, the ESP system was installed in well CP-0864 was set at 580 m depth and consists of two pump sections (45 stages each), a 60-Hz Borets Axiom switchboard and an induction motor 70-Hp 456 series. The system continues operating now exceeding 3000 days at the time of publication.

Currently Borets have supplied more than 12,000 sets of Electrical Submersible Pump systems, operated in the American continent in countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil, providing its wide range of technology and providing the best solutions for its customers.