Borets introduces successful Axiom II VSD to North America

19 October, 2015


Borets, a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, has successfully introduced its AXIOM II variable speed drive (VSD). The AXIOM II is the first universal VSD that is ideally suited for operating ESP induction motors (IM), permanent magnet motors (PMM) and high speed PMM.

The AXIOM II provides high electrical efficiency and power factor performance through a wide range of drive loading, especially when coupled with the Borets high efficiency PMM. The entire system is on average 15 to 20 percent more electrically efficient than a typical ESP system dependent on the loading of the motor. The AXIOM II is also equipped with advanced software that targets challenging well conditions, such as gas lock detection and hard to start/stuck pumps for maximizing uptime and improving system reliability.

The AXIOM II has an integrated enhanced sine wave filter which reduces rig time and footprint. It also provides a near sinusoidal electrical waveform that reduces electrical stress and heat on the downhole equipment. It is equipped with external USB connections for downloading well data, several digital and analog inputs and various communication capabilities. Safety is a prime focus at Borets; all internal parts are TOUCHSAFE (IP20 equivalent) to provide optimal protection for field service personnel.

 To date, Borets has successfully installed more than 30 AXIOM II drives globally, of which 20 systems were deployed in North America. The AXIOM II has proven its capability of running various types of ESP motors and handling challenging well conditions. It also has been proven to increase uptime and reliability when operated under similar conditions as other VSD’s. The AXIOM II offers unique functionality not available in the market today that provides operators the flexibility to use permanent magnet motors and apply a state-of-the-art VSD solution to optimize production, while not creating inventory or training issues with existing equipment.