Borets introduces successful PMM-PCP technology to North America

27 July, 2015


Borets, a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems, has successfully conducted a North American field trial of its PMM-PCP system, the first permanent magnet motor (PMM) running at a slow speed without a gear reducer to drive a progressing cavity pump.

The PMM-PCP system ran successfully for Crescent Point Energy in Canada from May 2014 until April 2015 where, during this trial period, the system increased the well uptime from 53.4 percent to 98.7 percent, saving Crescent Point substantial workover costs and lost production time.

While previously a conventional induction motor would be run in the well with a mechanical gear reducer to slow the rotating speed of the motor for a progressive cavity pump, PMM motors are equipped with an extremely high power density which makes the motor 40 percent shorter and lighter, greatly improved electrical efficiency (18 percent) and a very flat power factor over a varying load. Additionally, Borets’ cutting-edge PMM-PCP system uses a PMM motor without a gear box to operate a downhole submersible motor between 350 and 750 rpm.

“Deviated or crooked wells that once proved to be a challenge for conventional top driven PCP systems can now be replaced with the innovative PMM-PCP system,” said VP of Marketing Keith Russell, Borets. “Borets is committed to providing advanced technologies, such as the PMM- PCP system, to increase our customers’ production operations in an economical and environmentally responsible manner.”

To date, Borets has successfully installed more than 400 PMM-PCP systems globally, and with the North American introduction of this advanced technology, this positive trend will continue as operators realize the cost savings for challenging wells.