Borets Product Quality Is Now Recognized In Europe

 27 June, 2012


Borets main product nomenclature certification procedure for the compliance with the requirements of the EU regulating documents was completed in April 2012.  The certification of the submersible equipment was organized by the European Notified body SZUTEST at the service center Borets Service Serbia, LLC, located in Zrenyanin city, Serbia, where the different ESP designs, gas-handling devices, submersible motors, motor seals, switchboards and telemetry systems tests were performed.

Having the European certificate means having a “green light” to the supply of the Borets submersible pump units with the marking CE (Conformité Européene) to the countries of the EU. At the same time the CE certificate provides the “most favorable” mode for supplying the submersible equipment also to the other countries, because the European certification is in high level of compliance with the standards of the major countries of Asia, North and Latin America and others.

The CE certificate confirms the impeccable organization of the business process in Borets on all stages of the equipment designing, manufacturing and operation. Moreover, the CE certificate means a complete equipment safety and harmlessness during the operation for both people and environment. It also guarantees the free product transportation on the united territory of the EU. All this will allow the oil companies to order Borets equipment as soon as possible and be convinced in its high reliability and effectiveness.