Borets successfully installed first PMM-ESPs in Egypt

11 April, 2016


This month Borets has completed six successful installations of innovative PMM-ESPs in Egypt to provide customers with most high-performance tool to maximize wells potential while reducing operating costs.

Borets PMM wide operating range from 500 to 3,900 rpm provides energy efficient system solutions by coupling it to a conventional ESP pump.

The initial installation was completed onshore on September, 2015. Current MTBF is over 180 days & still in operation. First offshore completion was performed in January, 2016.

Borets was the first company in the world to manufacture unique Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) for different applications with adjustable speed range up to 6000 rpm. Due to its higher power density, synchronous speed (no energy wasted on slip), faster, more adaptive control; wider operating range, power saving from 10% to 20%, higher efficiency, soft start, easier control and lower heating offer an excellent solution for historically problematic oil wells, PMM is a unique submersible motor in industry.

Today nearly 3000 Borets PMM are in operation worldwide with maximum runlife more than 800 days.