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Downhole Sensors

Monitor downhole data to improve ESP equipment performance and help optimize production.
electric submersible pump ESP downhole monitoring sensor

Our Electrical Submersible Pump Sensors

Borets ViewPoint and SPTX downhole sensors provide key downhole data from their artificial lift systems to not only minimize downtime and extend equipment performance but also optimize production and maximize ultimate reservoir recovery.

This next-generation downhole gauge system uses the latest technology for reliable monitoring of ESP and PMM-PCP systems even under harsh bottom hole conditions.

The Viewpoint II/SPTX downhole sensor includes five standard output channels to monitor intake pressure and temperature, motor temperature, vibration, and current leakage. A sixth channel to monitor discharge pressure is optionally available.

Borets ViewPoint/SPTX Downhole Sensors Benefits

  • Real-time continuous monitoring increases system run life
  • Optimized equipment performance helps decrease lifting costs
  • Key reservoir and wellbore data acquired helps increase production
  • Proactive well intervention planning leads to reduced deferred production
  • Compatibility with multiple ESP vendor motors reduces inventory