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Downhole Sensors

Monitor downhole data to improve ESP equipment performance and help optimize production.
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Our Electrical Submersible Pump Sensors

Borets ViewPoint and SPTX downhole sensors provide key downhole data from their artificial lift systems to not only minimize downtime and extend equipment performance but also optimize production and maximize ultimate reservoir recovery.

This next-generation downhole gauge system uses the latest technology for reliable monitoring of ESP and PMM-PCP systems even under harsh bottom hole conditions.

The Viewpoint II/SPTX downhole sensor includes five standard output channels to monitor intake pressure and temperature, motor temperature, vibration, and current leakage. A sixth channel to monitor discharge pressure is optionally available.

Borets ViewPoint/SPTX Downhole Sensors Benefits

  • Real-time continuous monitoring increases system run life
  • Optimized equipment performance helps decrease lifting costs
  • Key reservoir and wellbore data acquired helps increase production
  • Proactive well intervention planning leads to reduced deferred production
  • Compatibility with multiple ESP vendor motors reduces inventory

ViewPoint II / SPTX Downhole Sensors


  • Electric submersible pump (ESP) systems
  • Permanent magnet motor (PMM) driven progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems Benefits
  • Real time continuous monitoring increases system run life
  • Maximize production while providing key reservoir management data
  • Compatibility with ESP motors of all manufacturers


  • Multiple system configurations provide fi t-for-purpose capabilities
  • Designed to withstand severe electrical imbalances and ground faults without damage to the sensor
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) provides more stable motor temperature readings
  • Protocols utilized ensure more reliable data transmission
  • Compatible with SCADA systems using Modbus protocol
  • Maximum operation environment temperature +150°С
  • Automatic and routine system insulation resistance verification

Surface Choke

The high voltage surface three-phase choke or Dual Coupler, isolates and protects ViewPoint II / SPTX surface electronics from the high voltage applied to the downhole ESP equipment. The Dual Coupler comes equipped with a safety interlock system to eliminate any potential shock hazard to personnel at surface. Normally required on all ESP installations including a ViewPoint II downhole sensor, the Dual Coupler can be alternately configured as a Star choke and can typically be mounted in the VSD, switchboard, transformer, or other NEMA enclosure (note: this choke is not compatible with the SPTX gauge).

Surface Electronics

The surface electronics equipment required for use with ViewPoint II has two available configurations. The Surface Telemetry Unit (STU) is a standalone printed circuit board that is DIN-rail mounted and integrated within an existing VSD. The STU is the primary device providing data logging, event history, trips, alarms, and communication interfacing with the drive and external SCADA systems.

Alternately, a standalone surface panel is used where the localized display of monitored parameters is required and is not otherwise available. This unit is a plug-and-play device that includes an STU card and liquid crystal diode (LCD) display mounted within a weatherproof (IP56 rated) enclosure. The surface device performs insulation-resistance checks between each downhole data frame transmission as a continuous monitor of system electrical integrity.

Acquired downhole data is available for transfer to any SCADA system using a Modbus protocol. Data communication and transfer integrity is further supported using all weatherproof cable connections to ensure uninterrupted availability of downhole sensor, power, I/O, trip, and alarm data.

The ViewPoint II / SPTX downhole monitoring system measures and acquires key reservoir, well, and pump operating parameters used at surface to monitor and manage equipment and well performance. This next generation downhole gauge uses the latest in instrumentation technology for reliable monitoring of ESP and PMM-PCP systems even under harsh bottomhole conditions.

The ViewPoint II / SPTX downhole monitoring system comprises three main components, which can be fl exibly confi gured for maximum cost-effectiveness and performance. System components include the downhole sensor, a surface choke, and surface electronics.

Downhole Sensor

The ViewPoint II / SPTX downhole sensor includes fi ve standard output channels to monitor intake pressure and temperature, motor temperature, vibration, and current leakage. The SPTX sensor includes an additional sixth channel used to monitor discharge pressure. A variable speed drive (VSD) or other controller at surface uses these key parameters to help manage downhole ESP system performance.

Both downhole sensor models incorporate state-of-the-art electronic components and design, and are qualified to the highest industry standards. All Borets sensors undergo rigorous qualification testing that includes temperature cycling, shock, vibration, and pressure impact to ensure high performance and reliability under the most challenging downhole conditions.

ViewPoint II / SPTX Confi gurations

ViewPoint II / SPTX Measurement Specifi cations

ViewPoint II / SPTX Mechanical Specifi cations