Equipment Testing and Repair

Integral to our commitment to customer satisfaction is the global network of Borets service centers, serving as support hubs for the preparation, assembly, testing, repair, and maintenance of downhole and surface equipment. Our service centers are equipped with modern testing benches and equipment repair apparatus capable of supporting Borets’ and other manufacturer’s equipment.

Services performed by the trained experts in Borets service centers include:

  • Pump flow performance testing
  • Motor hi-pot testing
  • Motor dry out
  • Motor seal testing
  • Cable/MLE inspection and electrical integrity testing
  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) testing and repair
  • Equipment assembly, tear down, and visual inspection service
  • Dismantle, Inspection, and Failure Analysis (DIFA)
  • Customer inventory storage

Borets service centers are all, or soon to be, certified compliant to IS0 9001, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 14001:2004.