ESP – Standard Speed Systems

Efficient ESP systems to accelerate production in a wide range of flow rates, pump sizes and conditions
ESP Motors PMM IM permanent magnet induction

At a glance:

  • Pump series available: 338, 400, 538, 675
  • Flow rate range: 190 bpd up to 46,000 bpd
  • Motors series available: 375, 406, 456, 562 Induction and Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Single or tandem, bag, labyrinth, and metal bellows motor seals
  • Gas separation and handling
  • Sand management and protection
  • Operating environments: Standard Duty, Harsh Duty, Extreme Duty

Borets is the largest global supplier of ESPs by volume manufacturing more than 12,000 ESP systems annually.

Borets supplies a complete range of ESP systems that include floater pumps, compression pumps, or Packet pumps; induction or permanent magnet motors and all types of motor seals. Borets ESP systems incorporate the latest technology in gas separation and handling, and sand management making Borets ESPs the optimum choice in standard, harsh and extreme production environments. All Borets pumps are manufactured at facilities certified to API Spec Q1 and ISO 9001:2015.

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Borets compression pumps cover a wide range of flow rates and are very tolerant to higher thrust loads and abundant solids in the produced fluids. Unlike floater pumps, compression pumps are better able to manage varying thrust loads in rapidly changing flow conditions as is often experienced with gas slugging. When a compression pump begins to operate in down thrust, the force is transferred and managed at the thrust bearing in the motor seal. Absorbing this down thrust force in the clean oil environment of the seal section helps extend pump run life.

Borets Packet pump is better able to withstand prolonged down thrust and abrasive production typically experienced by ESPs in unconventional well applications. The Packet pump is constructed such that as mechanical wear progresses, stage impellers will lock together in groups (configurable packets) so as to limit the axial movement of the packet along the shaft. Down thrust is then dynamically managed through a tungsten carbide (T) bearing in the diffuser at the base of each packet.

Benefits include:

  • Increased production even in challenging environments
  • Longer ESP run life improves ROI
  • Wider pump operating range helps reduce intervention costs

Permanent Magnet and Induction Motors

Permanent Magnet Motors


  • Standard-speed (3600 rpm) ESP systems
  • High-speed (6000 rpm) ESP systems
  • Low-speed (500 rpm) PCP systems


  • Higher motor efficiency and lower electrical power consumption
  • Reduced motor heat rise
  • Reduced (motor) equipment length

Technical Specifications

  • Single section
  • Motor winding temperature rating 200 C (392 F)
  • Power factor: 0.96
  • Motor efficiency 93%
  • Sizes available (series-max hp): 319 – 150 hp, 406 – 264 hp, 456 – 400 hp, 512 – 760 hp, 562 – 980 hp series

Having pioneered the technology, today Borets has the largest proven PMM portfolio and experience. PMMs have shown to improve ESP operations by:

  • Lowering electrical energy costs
  • Reducing motor heat rise which helps performance in low flow environments
  • Reducing motor equipment length which facilitates improved access through severe doglegs and deeper pump setting depths
Induction Motors

The two-pole, three-phase induction motor continues to be an ESP industry workhorse.  Borets induction motors are designed for maximum reliability and efficiency even under the most demanding operating environments. We offer a complete catalog of induction motors for all ESP applications including:

  • 375, 406, 456, and 562 series
  • Power ranging from 20 hp to more than 1,500 hp
  • Single, tandem, and triple section configurations
  • Motor rating temperature of 200 C (392 F)
  • Operating speed from 35 Hz to 75 Hz
  • High-strength shaft materials and maximum torque capacity

In corrosive environments, Borets offers motors using stainless steel materials or MONEL coating for corrosion protection.

Motor Seals

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, materials, and operational experience, Borets motor seals provide premium motor protection to extend run life in the most demanding applications.

Borets motor seals are available in either an elastomeric bag-type or a labyrinth-style chamber, and they can be configured in a variety of tandem combinations to provide motor protection for any operational need.

Featuring a patented thrust chamber designed for optimal oil circulation to cool and stabilize the bearings at high loads, Borets seals provide reliable motor protection in harsh well conditions. Robust metal bellows motor seals are designed for high-temperature applications.

Borets Motor Seal Features

  • Configurable design in either an elastomeric bag-type or a labyrinth-style chamber
  • Sand handling technology in head enables effective operation in abrasive wells
  • High load bi-directional thrust bearing allows for deep-set application
  • Steel and bronze bearing sets positioned along the shaft add stability and allow the use of larger diameter shafts

Gas Separators and Handling

Borets gas separators allow continuous operation of ESP systems in gassy applications, increase and improve ESP production by conditioning the gas-liquid mixture and eliminating gas locks, and reduce the tendency for underload shutdowns due to gas interference in the pump.

Borets Gas Separator Benefits

  • Increased production and extended ESP system application range due to high gas separation efficiency
  • High reliability in sandy and abrasive environments
  • Increased equipment run life by eliminating gas locking
  • Improved ESP system performance by conditioning gas-liquid mixture

The range of Borets gas separators includes rotary and vortex, which can be used individually or in tandem depending on application for higher separation efficiency. Vortex gas separator design allows improved abrasion resistance and decreases the risk of pumping system failures due to gas.

The versatile portfolio of Borets gas handling devices provide trouble-free ESP system operation in well conditions with free gas content up to 90% at the pump intake when Borets gas separator is installed together with Vapro gas handler.



The Borets Vapro gas handler efficiently handles higher percentages of free gas in gassy wells, allowing continuous operation of ESP systems in extreme gas conditions, and reduces the tendency for underload shutdowns due to gas interference in the pump.

Borets Vapro Benefits

  • Expanded operating range and extended ESP system run life
  • Advanced in-house gas-handling design delivers the optimum gas lift effect by transferring gas to the tubing instead of separating it
  • Axial flow impeller and optimized vane openings prevent gas locking

Sand Exclusion

Borets provides a complete line of cost-effective and reliable sand protection equipment for sandy and abrasive environments. Designed for ESP wells producing sand, and hydraulically fractured wells, Borets Sand Trapper solids-exclusion device protects an ESP against the harmful effect of solids fallback in the production tubing.

The SandTrapper incorporates a solids retention chamber. Flowback through the ESP and potential rotor backspin is prevented by a ball valve and seat, which closes when tubing flow stops. Fluid in the tubing string then drains slowly through drain ports, around the valve seat, and in the solids retention chamber where solids settle.