Application Challenges – Geothermal Water Production

Geothermal Water Production

High efficiency ESPs for reliable production of hot thermal water
ESP Geothermal well electric submersible flow


  • Geothermal (hydrothermal) water production



  • High efficiency for lower operating cost
  • Longer run life and reliable production

ESP technology long proven in the oil industry is readily adaptable to the growing geothermal power generation market.  Long proven in the oil business, ESP technology is now also serving the growing geothermal power generation industry.  The cost-efficient, reliable production of hot thermal water is an essential requirement for an economic hydrothermal energy development project.

Borets offers the specially engineered Geothermal ESP for this growing renewable energy market. With all critical ESP components engineered to operate at high bottom-hole temperatures up to 200˚ C, flow rates up to 47,000 bpd (7,470 m3/day) of fluid are achievable when coupled with our exclusive single housing 980 horsepower (hp) PMM. Compared with an equivalent induction motor, Borets PMMs have shown to reduce ESP power consumption by as much as 20%.

Key technical advancements also incorporated in the Borets Geothermal ESP include: