Manufacturing Centers

Manufacturing Facilities

Borets is committed to the highest quality standards applied throughout the Company and this commitment is confirmed by ISO 9000, 14000, OHSAS 18000, and API Specification Q1 certification.


ul. Mashinostroiteley, 1
Lebedyan, Lipetsk region
Russia, 399611


ul. Pojarskogo, 8
Lysva, Perm Region,
Russia, 618911

Kurgan Cable Plant

ul. Promyshlennaya, 19
Kurgan, Kurgan Region,
Russia, 640014


Areal ZTS 924
01841 Dubnica nad Vahom
Slovak Republic


ul. Moldavskaya, 5
Moscow, Russia, 121467


Proezd Sh-3, No. 9,
Promuzel, Ploshchadka “Stolarnaya”
Stantsia “Kotel”, Stary Oskol,
Belgorod Oblast,
Russian Federation, 309500

Borets Tulsa

1600 N Garnett Rd,
Tulsa, OK
USA 74116
Tel: +1 918 439 7000


Manufacturing center for ESP and PCP pumps, gas handling pumps and separators, filters, intakes, valves, and solids separators.

electric submersible pump ESP assembly

Founded in 1946, LeMaZ, LLC (Lebedyansky Machine Plant) employs the latest technology for manufacturing electric submersible pumps, progressing cavity pumps, gas handling pumps and separators, filters, intakes, valves, and solids separators.

Automated, precision machining of pump heads, bases, and stages is achieved incorporating advanced CNC technology and best practice methodologies from around the world. Stage casting in our foundry benefits from catalytic gas purging as part of a cold-core production process.  Wear, heat, and corrosion resistance of manufactured product is improved using in-house arc spraying technology. The combination of technology and process yields an impressive monthly throughput capacity including:

  • More than one million stages cast
  • 2500 pumps assembled
  • 700 gas separators

Plant output managed through Borets quality management system meets international quality management standards 9001:2000, ISO TS 29001, and API Q1. A culture of continuous improvement and learning fostered among the more the 1800 dedicated plant employees contributes to the highest product quality output and ongoing maintenance of the highest international manufacturing standards.  Management is equally committed to the highest levels of HSE performance to ensure a safe work environment, protection for the health of our employees and community, and sustainability of the environment.


Manufacturing center for motors (PMM and IM), seals, and downhole sensors.

permanent magnet motor PMM assembly

Lysvaneftemash has been manufacturing electric submersible pump (ESP) system equipment since 1992. The “Lysva” plant is the manufacturing center for motor seals, downhole sensors, and ESP motors including induction and our flagship permanent magnet motors.

The plant is equipped with advanced machining capabilities supplied by leading international manufacturers. Used to enhance production efficiency and output product quality, the plant includes:

  • Vertical mill and turret-lathe CNC centers
  • High-speed automated pressing machines
  • Hardening and tempering furnaces for heat treatment
  • Stator-winding stations
  • Arc spraying for application of corrosion-resistant metal coatings
  • Automated motor and motor seal testing benches

Plant output managed through Borets quality management system meets ANSI/API Q1, ISO TS 29001, and ISO 9001 requirements and is subject to continuous improvement in accordance with ISO 9004 guidelines. Lysvaneftemash has attained integrated occupational health, safety, and environment protection management system certification for conformance to ISO 14001:2004 / OHSAS 18001:2007.

The Lysva management team is committed to the training and development of the more than 1,400 employees working in the plant. All employees are committed to continuous improvement across all facets of the product manufacturing process. The Lysva plant is capable of producing as a much as 1,000 motor and 1,000 seal sections per month.

Kurgan Cable Plant

Manufacturing center for ESP power cable and MLEs.

ESP power cable MLE manufacturing kurgan plantKurgan Cable Plant, LLC is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of heat-resistant downhole cables.

The plant uses modern production equipment supplied by leading international manufacturers combining high performance with excellent quality and environmentally safe production.

The plant provides heat-resistant cables KESBP-230 Kelaf and KESBkP-230 Kelaf, and UB motor lead extensions. Products are delivered to all major Russian oil operators.


Manufacturing center for VSDs and other surface electrical equipment.

Borets-NEO supplies switchboards, variable frequency drives, and telemetry systems:

  • Direct/Soft start switchboards
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Downhole telemetry systems


Manufacturing center for ESP power cable and MLEs.

ESP power cable manufacturing equipment slovakiaZTS-Kabel is a modern 161,000 sq. ft. facility manufacturing the following cable models:

  • Flat and round SL-450 (E-Lead)
  • Flat and round SL-450 (EE)
  • Flat and round SL-285 (EN)
  • Flat and round SL-212 (PN)
  • Motor lead extensions (MLE)

Manufacturing facilities incorporate:

  • Wire drawing machine NIEHOFF
  • Stranding machine
  • Continuous vulcanization line MAILLEFER
  • Drying ovens
  • Continuous lead extrusion line SANDELIN
  • Braiding machines SPIRKA
  • Bow twister cabling machine
  • Armoring lines CEECO

ZTS-Kabel offers various types of cable armor (galvanized or stainless steel, Monel, and double armor for harsh environments) for different operating conditions.

All products conform to ASTM, IEEE, API, ICEA, and NEMA requirements.


metal injection molding MIM of complex geometry ESP stagesOskol Petroleum Machinery Plant, a state-of-the-art facility opened in May 2014, manufactures complex geometry stages for high-capacity ESPs.

Borets Tulsa

Manufacturing center for horizontal pump systems (HPS).

Borets R&D facility Tulsa OklahomaIn addition to research and development activities, Borets Tulsa location serves as a central manufacturing facility supporting Borets Horizontal Pump System (HPS) business including the following activities:

  • Skid assembly
  • Supply chain
  • Pump assembly (950 series and smaller)
  • Thrust chambers (TC) assembly and test
  • Paint booth
  • TC spin performance test
  • Hydro-test pumps, intakes, and discharges
  • HPS engineering support