Permanent Magnet Motors

Superior motor efficiency helps reduce electrical power cost by up to 20%

Borets was the first company in the world to commercialize the permanent magnet motor (PMM) for ESP downhole applications back in 2006. Since then, Borets has deployed more than 14,500 PMMs around the world serving a variety of ESP and PCP applications.

Permanent magnets – specially engineered and embedded in the rotor – create a constant rotor magnetic field. No electrical power is consumed in generating the rotor magnetic field. As a result the PMM rotor experiences little to no electrical losses, is more efficient, and has higher horsepower density. This translates to a synchronous PMM with wide operating range that consumes less energy, generates less heat, and is shorter in length than an induction motor of the same rating.




Compared directly to an equivalent horsepower induction motor, PMMs have been shown to reduce power consumption by about 7 – 10 % at best efficiency point (BEP).  Energy savings up to 20% or more are achievable using PMMs when the motor and system operate in frequent or prolonged underload conditions – or not at BEP.

Using a proprietary vector control algorithm, Borets variable speed drives (VSDs) control and optimize motor current across the full range of motor loads encountered, constantly minimizing electrical power consumed.

Dedicated engineering effort combined with almost 20 years of practice have resulted in the largest proven portfolio of PMMs available to the industry. Sizes and power ratings of available Borets PMMs are summarized in the table.


Series 319 406 456 512 562
Available Speeds (rpm) 6000 3600, 6000 500, 3600 3600 500, 3600
Power Factor 0.96 0.96 0.96 0.96 0.96
Motor Efficiency Up to 93% Up to 93% Up to 93% Up to 93% Up to 93%
Rated Winding Temp (C) [F] 200 [392] 200 [392] 200 [392] 200 [392] 200 [392]
Maximum Horsepower 150 264 400 760 980


All Borets PMMs are single section motors with a wide range of horsepower available in each series size.