Research & Development Centers

USA R&D Center

1600 North Garnett Rd.
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74116
tel:  +1 918 439 7000
fax: +1 918 439 7099
e-mail: usa@borets.com

Our research and development (R&D) centers focus on designing and upgrading artificial lift systems. Research and development centers are also engaged in research, development, and implementation of new artificial lift technologies and pump materials that help operators to enhance oil production.

Advanced design solutions and engineering technologies ensure Borets equipment delivers a high level of performance and reliability. Each new product is tested at our R&D centers using in-house test benches and equipment provided through specialized partners. Following successful in-house testing, equipment goes through rigorous field trials.

Tulsa Borets R&D center is equipped with test benches for testing downhole and surface equipment with two 73 m deep vertical wells that allow testing of completely assembled systems in close to real conditions. Automated horizontal benches are used to test serial and new products, including high-speed motors and high-flow pumps. One horizontal bench is equipped with devices that simulate pump operation in steam-assisted gravity drainage mode (SAGD). SAGD technology is used in heavy oil production when operating temperature reaches 250°C. Our advanced testing technology will help expand the application range and improve the quality and design of manufactured equipment.

To help customer operations and decrease their lifting costs, Borets Research and Development team has developed a number of innovative, fit-for-purpose technologies. One such innovation is the revolutionary permanent magnet motor (PMM).   Suitable in a wide range of artificial lift applications, PMM technology is helping global operators reduce carbon footprint by saving as much as 20% in electrical power consumption.