Surface Control

Variable speed drives for precision motor control, optimum performance and protection in challenging environments
Axiom II Variable Speed Drives on a wellsite ESP PMM IM precision motor control


Borets variable speed drives (VSD) provide precision control and maximum protection of both induction and permanent magnet motors (PMM).  Engineered with ESP and PCP applications in mind – Borets VSDs incorporate an array of advanced function and control software algorithms plus data integration and remote communication interface capabilities.

Axiom II VSD

The Axiom II VSD controls IMs and PMMs with maximum efficiency and reliability. The drive utilizes a proprietary vector control algorithm to achieve maximum efficiency using Borets PMMs. With a built-in filter, the Axiom II delivers a near sinusoidal output waveform to downhole equipment with minimal surface footprint.

The Axiom II VSD, with its NEMA 3R enclosure, is available in 6, 12, and 18 pulse output models and in size ratings from 112 Amps to 1,100 Amps.

Borets 15 VSD

The Borets-15 VSD optimizes cost-efficiency with maximum performance to control and protect induction and permanent magnet motor pump systems. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to provide stable motor control with near optimum power factor and efficiency.

With built-in input and output sinewave filters, the Borets -15 VSD includes multiple remote communication options and comes preconfigured to communicate with industry downhole sensors including Borets Viewpoint/SPTX gauges.  Application-specific firmware in the controller runs proprietary functional algorithms such as: auto restarts, frequency control, stuck pumps, spinning motor catch, and gas lock avoidance—functions needed for managing submersible pump system performance under a wide variety of well conditions.

The Borets-15 VSD, with NEMA 3R or optional NEMA4 enclosure, is available in 6 and 12 pulse output models and in size ratings from 160 to 1600 A for ESP application, and up to 630 A for PCP applications. The modular design also simplifies field repairs.