Application Challenges – Water Applications

Your ESP Company for Water Applications

Minimize costs and maximize return on investment with cost-effective solutions in water applications.

Centrifugal pump technology plays a central role in a number of applications involving the production, injection, or surface movement of water. A wide array of Borets electric submersible pumps (ESP) and configurations provide cost-effective solutions in a number of water applications.

Produced Water

Water cut in oil producing wells typically increases in mature reservoirs experiencing pressure decline and depletion. In wells where it is necessary to move larger volumes of produced water with generally stable flow rates, electric submersible pumps (ESPs) using permanent magnet motors (PMMs) are a cost-effective means of maintaining high-volume production at reduced operating expense.

Borets is an ESP company engineering solutions equally well suited to higher flowrate applications such as saltwater brine production or geothermal wells, with flowrates up to 46,000 bpd available. Technically innovative products such as the Harsh Environment Metal Bellows Seal enable longer ESP system run life while the PMM helps maintain lower motor operating temperature.

Water Injection

For injection on waterflood applications, Borets provides a cost-efficient downhole injection solution enabling the start of secondary recovery efforts before the conventional surface infrastructure may be constructed.

Available for both low pressure (<1450 psi) and high pressure (>1450 psi) injection applications, the Borets Selective Injection Inverted ESP System can be used to initiate waterflood operations. The system can be configured to either inject water provided through a source at surface or water sourced from another horizon within the same well. The Selective Injection Inverted ESP System enables simultaneous secondary recovery earlier in field-wide development, helping to improve production rates and total recovery.

Surface Water Movement

As an ESP company with more than 100 years of experience, Borets also designs and manufactures horizontal pumping systems (HPS) to provide specific solutions to a wide range of surface fluid-transfer water applications.